Sacred Woman – Vulva Interview

1. So how do you feel about being a woman?

Well, I’m a sacred woman I feel very good. I feel wonderful as I grow older especially when I hit the 40’s. 20’s and 30’s I felt like I’m still like discovering myself, once I got into 40’s I’m so confident like I really explore my whole body, I really feel very comfortable in my whole body and really loving a bit parts of it.

2. How did you get into doing that?

Well, it’s also through exposure with my ex-boyfriend which was a French and then brought me into Naturalism Beach that for once I was like a little shy because as being a Singaporean never been exposed to such a culture, and so when I was there layers and layers of just being peeled off of myself, I’m suddenly become so confident, because down there everybody, when you’re Asian in a country like that there are people are just really like looking at the small body, they really love that petite, the pettiness and the softness of the woman body because Europeans are quite big and quite not necessarily soft.

So from then on I became a little bit more open and really took control of like power in my body especially when being naked and walking down the beach and having all these admiration from people that really boost out the confidence that I didn’t know that I was so shy before, yeah.

3. So, how do you feel about your genitals, vulva, vagina growing up?

I was actually very curious when I was young, like you know I think I was very sexual when I was really like in the teenage and I already feel very sexual and I have orgasm and stuff like that, so I’m very curious about sexuality and I’d explore my own genitals and play with it, I have no problem playing with it.

4. How about looking?

Looking, I haven’t really had the chance to take a mirror and look at it. Not necessarily never, but never really take the opportunity to really have a look. Only when I have to cut my pubic hair or otherwise I don’t particularly bring a mirror and have a look at what’s going down there.

5. So, was the relationship with your vulva genital vagina now, right now?

Now, I actually take care of it much more and I really feel it’s very sacred. Before when you are young, we just have sexual relationship with people and with men that you feel that, or you think that it’s because you want to have this relationship with men not necessarily because you want to have relationship, because you just have some urge or, but right now it’s so different. Right now I really treasure my own genitals and not necessarily having exposed to any men because we, you wrap off energy and all that and I didn’t want to, I mean I like to be you know being taken care of or being treated nicely, yeah.

6. So is that what change related to when you got into your 40’s?

Yeah, absolutely.

7. So what role do you think our genitals, vulva, vagina play in our sexuality?

Well, I think these days a lot of women are () really have orgasm, but have this vulva especially being in the, in Naturalism Beach where I can really open my legs and expose it, it really gives me so much admiration and openness to that let’s say it’s connected to your mouth, it’s so true, how much can you close your mouth, so you have to be able to open this mouth that we have down there is also our way of how to speak out.

8. Yeah. Yes, I agree. So, did you do sunbathing of your genitals?

Oh yes, yeah. I really like when I open up my legs and let the sun, the energy just shine, it’s like such powerful, that hotness and sometimes you can even feel the arouse, the arousal sensation from just that, yeah.

9. That’s great. So this is one of the things that you like to do, do you do it often now or that was just back then?

That was back then when I was in the Naturalism Beach.

Right now, I haven’t really got the time. Not really haven’t got the time, but haven’t find a space that I can really be naked. Maybe when I go into my own space, I could.

But in Singapore, not possible.

10. Okay, so what do you wish you learn about your sexuality growing up?

What do I wish? I think I shall a bit about the erotism part of me is not necessarily to, sometimes you can engage in sexual encounters, but for me it’s having this my own self arousal that I can fuse (). I often turn on from things around me not necessarily through my vagina, that’s one thing I realized from now that I don’t really need to have from arousal from there, but it can be from other things, yeah.

11. So what would you like to say to other women reading this book?

Just be confident with your own body and really love your body and really treat your body as sacred, yeah.

12. So how was your, for those who just know, how was it for you?

It’s very good, I feel very comfortable.

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