Rebel – Vulva Interview

1. How do you feel about being a woman?

Actually I think it’s a beautiful thing. It feels very sacred and also I think living in the current age it allows for a lot of reshaping or reinventing how a women is, so actually that’s exciting for me, because it’s not just a, how should I put it? We don’t just take for granted what a woman is right now because there are a lot of questions around what being a woman is. So, that’s what makes it very enriching and the word that comes into my mind is just reinventing, we can reinvent how it feels like to be a woman. So, that is how I feel.

2. How do you feel about your vulva, vagina, and genitals growing up?

I think I was very comfortable with it. I started playing with my vagina since I was 4 or 5 or I’m masturbating since I was 4 or 5 and the person who took care of me I think she knew, but she just sort of gave me the space to explore. So, I think because of that I always had a relatively healthy relationship between myself and my vagina. Yeah, curiosity.

3. Okay. What is your relationship with your vulva, vagina, and genitals now?

I had an experience in my life where I felt used, so that sort of affected my relationship with that. But I guess it’s been healed now, and now that I am actually expecting I’m pregnant, right? I think one of the reasons why I wanted to do this was to actually be okay with it again. That sort of like push my own limits of what comfort and acceptance means to me.

I think that’s like being, that’s very healing in a way sort of overcoming the idea of it’s not model perfect, but it is what it is. So I think the word that comes to my mind right now is I think acceptance and gratitude.

4. What role does our vulva, vagina, genitals play in your sexuality?

In my sexuality, what role does it play? It’s not a be all and end all it definitely is one of the engines, but it’s not the key legal I would say. I think, I think I’m comfortable with it to be the access point, but it’s not the only definition. Can you ask me the question again maybe in another format?

5. What role do your genitals play in your sexuality? The important role, you know you answered it perfectly.

Yeah. So, I think in terms of my sexuality it’s not defined by that for me. For me it’s more than that, I think it goes beyond just the vagina or the vulva. I think it is an access point like I said, but it’s not the only point. I think part of it has got to do a lot with every other part of my body even my hair or my neck or you know, something that is totally irrelevant of the specific female sexuality parts. Yeah, I think it also goes beyond the physicality, but it also goes beyond that towards the emotional and psychological goal health and safety. Yeah, so I think that’s what it is.

6. What do you wish you learned about your sexuality growing up?

I’ve always been a rebel, so I think if someone says don’t do it, I’ll do it anyway. So, the curiosity allows that liberation within me. But what I wish I had learned would be I guess the acceptance from society to just like to talk about it freely, so that is not a taboo. Yeah, I think I wish that talking about sexuality is not a taboo. I think, yeah, I think that’s what I wish, about, yeah, learning about sexuality, yeah.

7. What would you like to say to other women?

Wow, that’s a good question. You crossed a blank. I think you crosseda blank just because I don’t want to sound presumptuous. I think every person is very different and there’s no judgment around how they view, I view sexuality, so because of that I think a blank canvas what fits the, what to say, yeah.

8. Okay. So, just now you have your shoot, how was it for you?

Yeah, I think it’s very liberating. I think it’s very overcoming and it also feels very, yeah, I think it feels very sacred. I also feel that it was done in such a respectful way that it sort of sets the tone of how sexuality should be, it’s personal, it’s sacred, but there’s also a form of, there does also a sense of rebelness that needs to come with it the selfcourage and because of that that’s when the liberation comes because if you don’t push your own boundaries then you’ll never know how much it brings you. So, I think the photo shoot is all of that for me.

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