Nikita – Vulva Interview

1. So, how do you feel about being a woman?

About being a woman I feel like it’s a lot more work to be a woman. To look after ourselves, to do, I think there’s more practice of self-caring as a woman not like the most men that I know, they don’t anything, but for us it become, being a woman is being very feminine, it’s being soft and sensual. So, I actually like it. It’s just that I know there’s more work for us to do to maintain our bodies. We’re very strong, we’re capable of birthing, so that already give us a bigger advantage than the men like we’re stronger than them, I guess yeah.

2. What was your relationship with your vulva, vagina genitals growing up?

Okay, let me just think. I was just, I just look it up the other actually because I thought that was normal. Because I discover my vagina at very young age. I could remember being around maybe less than 6 years old or less than 5 that I discovered pleasure with the vagina and growing up, I kind of ignored it because I thought I was not, there was something wrong with me and then I look it up last week, I think and I saw oh child sexuality is actually a normal thing.

It’s a normal thing that children discover their genitals in the pleasure of like playing with it at a very young age. I’m like okay, I feel like I’m fine, I wasn’t sick, I’m not ill. So, yeah I discovered it at a very young age. Yeah, growing up and then, but it took me a long time to I think I feel like I’m a late bloomer because I’ve had sex when I was already beyond 20 unlike other teens. Yeah, so I think it’s good. Growing up, it’s just been there, it’s just for me and then when I leaned, when I started to engage in sex then it became a different story.

3. So, what’s the relationship with your genitals now?

I feel like now I definitely a lot more respect, because when I discovered sex I just went crazy. I was fucking around, I felt like oh I think, I just gave into the pleasure. I really enjoyed it though, so no regrets in that. I was, I didn’t think I would survive without it. But now after just realizing how safer it is that I should treat it with respect, I don’t really do that anymore. Actually, now I’ve been because my lover is not here and I don’t sleep with other men. So, I feel that now I treated it with so much more respect than I did my entire existence at 30, yeah.

4. What role do you think your vulva, vagina genitals play in your sexuality?

I believe that my vagina is like my gateway, it’s the gateway to connecting with my partner.  Yeah, it’s very, it plays a very important role to have that intimacy with other people or I mean with my partner. I think yeah it, just the main thing that connects me to my partner, like to express my emotions, it’s my almost a tool.

But at the same time it’s not just limited to my connecting with my partner, but also you know what I’m discovering recently is that this vagina would also connect me to my inner self, to my deeper self and there’s a lot more to understand about this that I’ve never known before, ,like now learning more about the tantra stuff, that’s why I’m very very curious about it because I know that learning these kinds of things will help me discover more about my truest self, kind of.

5. What do you wish you learn about your sexuality growing up?

Okay, sexuality like having sex with other people, right or in general?

I think the biggest lesson that I learned that I wish I knew when I was a lot younger is to just not, just to regard sexuality or my body with more respect and not just giving it away because I felt like I used my body before as kind of a giveaway to get maybe to get affection from a partner, so I’m like I’m going to give you my body so you’ll love me. So, i should not use sexuality that way, it shouldn’t be that way. So, yeah should just treat it with more respect and more value.

6. What would you like to say to other women?

To other women, my message for other women is to embrace your sexuality, try to understand and be open about yourself first before you even look at other people or consider your partners. Just like touch base with yourself, know what you like, know what you want because when you recognize this then you understand yourself more and then you will understand more how or you would like know more how you want others to kind of treat you. Yeah, and don’t be shy and accept yourself, accept your physical body. If you don’t like it then do something to make you appreciate it because loving yourself first or how you value yourself will show others how they would treat you or something.

7. How was your shoot?

The shoot was a lot of fun. It was, I was just excited the whole time. I was excited to see how it will show up in photos because this is the first time I’ve been professionally photograph my kit. Yes, so it was very comfortable, it was very relaxed not awkward at all. So yeah it was a really interesting experience, I’m really happy about it, yeah

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