Mun Yi – Vulva Interview

1. Okay, also these are the questions anyway. How do you feel about being a woman?

Well, I think right now I’m sure I feel like it opens up a lot of possibilities. I mean I’ve seen so many changes from the time when I was little to what I am now and I feel like what it means to be a woman has a changed a lot during these times. Well, I’ve clearly been through change myself and I won’t say that change is restricted by gender or anything linked to sexuality or sex. But well, with all the changes and the challenges I think that the first two things related to being a woman are: there’s a lot of change and challenge that comes with it.

2. Okay. How do you feel about your vulva, vagina genitals growing up?

I was always very comfortable with myself and even when I was 5, 6 years old I always thought that oh, I mean my parents always told me oh, you should, this is private and you can’t show it to people and I remember growing up and I started sport really young and there were lots of boys around, but I never thought there was barrier. I mean I thought oh, it’s fine, they looks like they’re different from me, they wear shorts, my mom always told me to wear skirts and she kept saying, no, no, no, you can’t run around in a skirt and I thought why do I always have to cover this up, right? I mean everyone, it seems everyone has something here between your legs.

My mom would tell me oh, no,no, you can’t let boys look at this, you can’t let boys or men look at this and this is like really private. When you’re that young they don’t explain to you why this is like don’t show this, right? You just can’t show this and I was always curious of why or why not, right? And I think because of that curiosity I would start to touch myself and actually in the mirror look at it, but I mean yeah, you don’t know, right? As a child you just know that pee comes out of this.

And then eventually when I, oh, I discovered masturbation by accident. I was 10, I was in the swimming pool and sat on top of a jet of water and I thought hey, that feels really good and then because of that incident I started touching myself more down there and I started like going back to that jet of water and then I thought well, I mean it feels good, like why not, right?I just continued doing it. But I still didn’t discuss it with my parents, because I grew up remembering they kept saying that this is private and you can’t let anyone see this or touch this.

And then as soon as puberty hits, I got my period and I started having crushes on both boys and girls and I thought hey, you know those feelings, the crushes are kind of linked to some sort of sensation you feel down there and I just felt this urge to touch myself everytime I saw an attractive boy or girl and then well soon enough my dad had a chat with me about sex and then not too long after I think it would 2 to 3 years after I was 14 I had my first sexual experience with a boy who was older and from that time on I would say I have been really curious and I think, so because this boy that I was seeing was also quite an open minded guy, just like me he was very curious, yeah. So that was my sort of journey when it comes to genitals or my genitals growing up, yeah.

3.  How do you feel about your genitals now?

Mun Yi: I don’t have any hang ups and I think it’s good to look at yourself down there from time to time, more from a practical health perspective. I think I know myself really well, but I’m still exploring and I used sex toys. My partner is really understanding and very patient and just that we don’t inhibit ourselves when it comes to exploration. Yeah, I don’t see any reason why I should limit myself as well. I definitely don’t compare myself down there. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of porn myself, no negative feelings about that as well, so definitely no comparing or no preconceptions about how a vulva or a female genital should looks like, yeah.

4. So what role does your vulva, vagina, genitals play in your sexuality?

I just see it as great source of pleasure definitely in some parts of it are really sensitive, like the clitoris, right? Yeah. But I am aware that well, just because I was born this way I mean , a cis-gender female it doesn’t always mean that like you said earlier, I think that kind of really resonates with me that just because well, you’re a woman, also you look like a woman doesn’t mean that you have the vulva that looks similar to mine and to someone else’s, we’re all are really different. Yeah, so what it means for me is just it’s a source of great pleasure, yeah. It doesn’t have to look a certain way to give me the pleasure and how I feel touching that particular spot will change as I age.

5. So what do you wish you could have learned about sexuality while growing up?

I wish that there was more guidance. I think in school, I’m not sure about the sex education here. When I was growing up in Malaysia, we were just limited to one chapter in our Biology textbook about sex, there’s nothing about sexuality it was just sex, something on STD’s and the repercussions of having unprotected sex. So, it was very mechanical, it was all about biology. So, I wish there was more guidance like either from a teacher, a counselor or even my parents about sexuality and not just what’s between your legs, yeah.

6. What would you like to say to other women?

I think I would like to say: just really don’t compare yourself to other people. You feel like there is some hurt or something, some issues perhaps that you would like to discuss. I think it’s really worthwhile looking for that person or a few people or even if it’s a professional, it’s worth spending your time looking for someone whom you think really can support you with whatever it is you think you have even if it’s just to start looking for the root cause of your pain, yeah and it’s alright to have pain. We all have pain at some point of our lives, yeah.

7. How was your shoot?

I felt really comfortable with everyone. Everything, the environment, yourself, the photographer, I’m very happy to see or know that there are people like that in Singapore that like the topic which is uninhibited, yeah.

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