Chilli Padi – Vulva Interview

1. So, how do you feel about being a Woman?

I think being a woman is a wonderful thing. I think we have a multiple roles. As a daughter, as a mother, as a spouse, and so, and sometimes people put a lot of expectation for being a Chilli Padi. We need to be perfect at work, also at home. So, we need to be perfect in everything.

2. How do you feel?

So, with all those, I think I’m proud of being a woman because I’m giving a life to my son. I think that’s the most, you know, the most beautiful things for being a woman, ah yeah.

3. How do you feel about your vulva, vagina, and genitals growing-up when you were growing-up?

Well, I came from a very conservative family so I don’t have much knowledge about that. Even we call it with not the real names. So, I think, I, now as I grow-up, I understand better about the function about how its looks like, about the feel, yeah. So, I think we need to be more open in the society talking about this, more than just a vagina. I mean, yeah. That answer your question?

4. So, growing up, did you think about genitals, or what do you feel about your genitals, maybe nothing?

What I feel? Well, there is nothing definitely. So, it’s more than, it’s more than sexual needs, I think, yeah.

5. Ok, that’s what you think growing up.

Now, this is a difficult question you know. I think I can respect my vagina more because, again like it’s not just about sexual things but can deliver the baby. Yeah. It’s more than one function I think, yeah.

6. Yes, but what role does, what role does your vagina, vulva, genitals play in your sexuality?

Oh, I think that is important because like as a Chilli Padi, sometimes, we like, let in the sexual relationship most of the Chilli Padi, let the man like feel, you know. How to say, like feeling satisfied and we kind of like sacrifice our needs. Oh, we like shy to tell what we want, what we feel. I think, what role? It means that it’s. What I mean, both ones need to be satisfied as well. Yeah.

7. So, what do you wish you learned about your sexual being, growing up?

Ah, what do you wish you learned? I think I wish I got a more sexual education. More than what I experienced right now. It’s not something that’s taboo or forbidden. I think we need to be more open to talking about it. Not just like in education at school when you are in grade five. But it’s learning, I think. It’s a learning journey to understand the sexuality, and it needs, it needs education as well. I mean, it’s not like something, just natural that you let go as you grow up, yeah.

8. Yes, I agree. What would you like to say to other women?

I think being a Chilli Padi, being a Chilli Padi is; we need to be strong, and then, you need also to self-care, self-love because as a Chilli Padi sometimes we tend to sacrifice our own needs, like okay for our parents when you haven’t married. Then when we are married, we prioritize husband and when we got children, we prioritize our children over our needs. I think as a Chilli Padi, we need to be strong as well. To love yourself. I think that’s the most important thing and then being comfortable with, with your body, with your looks because society put a lot of pressure, “a beauty standard is like this”. So just being comfortable with yourself and then, yeah. It makes you confident and strong.

9. So how was your photo shoot just now? How was it?

Oh well, my first time ever, so, yeah, it’s a combination of like; nervous and fun; And also like, since I’m not supermodel you know like, I have cellulite, I have stretch marks. Or whether these flaws will appear in the photo or yeah. Yeah, but I think, since I’m doing this for a cause, which is a good cause, and I trust you.  I trust you Martha, and I trust Kelvin. All very professionals, so yeah, I enjoyed it so much. Yeah.

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