Audrey – Vulva Interview

1. So, how do you feel about being a woman?

I think being a woman is hard, but at the same time it’s amazing because our body can do so many things. For example, having a child on it, producing breast milk and things like that. So, I think that’s pretty amazing. And then how do I feel about my genitals growing up? I think it’s something that we don’t really talk about in an Asian family, because they think that it’s a very private thing, so you don’t talk about it. So, even if you’re having some issues there you have to speak in a very hush tone whether it’s to your parents or somebody.

2. What is your relationship with your vagina now?

I think being, I’m generally a little different from I would say from most of my Asian friends. I’m pretty open in that sense that I explore, so I think I have a closer relationship than most would have with their own genitals. What role does it play in my sexuality? I have never really thought about that. To me sex, my sexuality is not just about the genital, the whole or whatever. It’s the whole thing. It includes the physical and the emotional sort of things. Yeah, and I think mentally have to be there too.

3. What do you wish you’ve learned about your sexuality growing up?

To be a little more open and not be shy about it. I think a lot of people are really shy talking about it. And to some extent I think it would have been nice to have someone that you can actually talk to, to earn a little bit more about how you discover the pleasure for yourself or whether it’s with another partner, but someone to talk, someone to learn it besides what’s available which is really not about education, but just visual satisfaction.

4. What would you like to say to other woman?

Love yourself and your body. I mean you only have one, so be proud of it. Yeah. How was my photo shoot? I was just saying to Calvin, right? Calvin. I’ve never done this before, but surprisingly no palpitation, no anxiety, it was nice, it was a very good experience, a very good experience. I think it would be nice to, I think it would be good for people to consider doing it one every few years especially those who have already had children.

They always say oh, I wish I was what I was before kids, but they should see the beauty of what they are after kids. I think that’s very important and I think it’s good for husband to support their wives in this because it give them a sense of, you know the changes in the body is because of the love. Yeah, I think they should really really consider doing a shoot like that.

Whether it’s going to be a couple thing or not, I think the women should just do it for themselves, the changes of the body, yeah, yeah.

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