348 – Vulva Interview

1. How do you feel about being a woman?

Wow, what a question. I think it’s amazing being a woman, like I love being a woman, but I also saw family members grow up who have women who, I don’t know, they were not given the same opportunities as I do now in the past and also just this idea of how women should act and behave and look like is something that is yeah, because I’m very () and like to do like all these crazy things and talk about like really important things and a lot of the times my family is and like people are against that especially because I’m a woman and I should not be doing that and it should be like contained and controlled and like supportive, right? Yeah, but I feel like things are changing a lot and yeah, and I mean through art I get to talk about things that empower women.

2.  So, you feel that being a woman is amazing?

Yeah, I love it, I love being a woman and there’s a part that comes with the body, right? The maternal body and the female body and I love owning that.

3.  Yeah, that’s great. So, how did you feel about your vulva, vagina, genitals growing up?

It’s always something that was kept hidden and you have to kind of, it’s funny because my mom, she didn’t talk to me about menstruation or what your vagina is supposed to look like and it’s not as if like as kids we were allowed to like run around and be naked, we always had to like cover up and be proper especially being a little girl, right?

So, instead I got like this book that told me everything I needed to know about my vagina. So as a kid I would just like look to this book and like put a mirror there and kind of like figure out what our vagina supposed to look like. Yeah, and also at a very young age you kind of discover porn, right, with all your friends or whatever and then you look at these people’s vaginas like these women’s vaginas in porn and you’re like oh my god, that doesn’t look like mine, like does that mean I’m disfigured, does that mean my vagina is ugly, like you know what I mean?

Yeah, is my vagina normal? Yeah, so yeah. But yeah it was always something that’s supposed to be hidden, kept hidden and yeah, so I was always very embarrassed of it like even in locker room, in playing sports or anything, you go into the changing rooms as in Asia it’s not like in the States or in UK when you watch movies where everyone that comes get naked and the thing, it’s not like that.

I remember going to school and doing all these sports and going to the changing rooms and everyone would always like run into the cubicles and like so I was never used to see other people’s vaginas too, so I didn’t know how, what vaginas supposed to look like and how would I compare my vagina. You know what I mean? Yeah.

4. How do you feel about them now?

Well, for a long time I had that mentally of the whole have to keep to it hidden. I think it’s like an ugly thing, you know what I mean, because I didn’t know what it was supposed to look like and then you compare it to porn or movies or anything like that, so I always kept it hidden. But then like I stated learning about the female body and like through the things that I have been doing to, like I become more and more comfortable around like with my body and especially when you’re surrounded by women who are comfortable around their body, they kind of make you feel like comfortable around your body and yeah, I feel that it’s really important to feel beautiful, right and especially when it comes to like something down there. Not be ashamed of like what you have or what you’ve grown up with. Yeah, so I think I love my vagina with it. Yeah, all its curves and folds.

5. But what is your relationship with them, what role do you think your vulva, vagina genitals play in your sexuality? What role it plays like some people feel that it’s not that important, some people feel it’s very important.

Right. I mean I feel like doing sex, I feel like it has everything kind of plays a part and like every part is an important part, so is your vagina and vulva and everything around it I think it does play an important part, yeah. I’m trying to like think and yeah, especially because it’s like I think it adds to it because like this is a part where like it’s rarely talk about or something you keeps, it’s supposed to be kept hidden like during sex when like that part is like explored, it’s like, how to say this, it’s like this new feeling especially because even yourself like looking at the area or like touching the area it’s not doesn’t really like, I don’t know, you don’t do it often.

But I’m trying like think properly. I’m trying to put it in words what I have in my head. Yeah, I don’t know, it definitely adds to it when someone explores this thing that is supposed to be hidden. Yeah, it adds to the experience I guess, yeah.

6. Definitely. What do you wish you learn about your sexuality growing up?

I wish I wasn’t so embarrassed about my body and not be afraid to explore more things, be more adventurous, but because it’s like it was growing up I was never, sex was never talk about in my family, it was like a book that was handed to me. So, because I wasn’t talk about I didn’t really know to do or try or be afraid of trying it. So I just, yeah, but it was something like super taboo, right? So, yeah I just feel like I was comfortable in my own skin. Yeah, because I feel if you’re not then you can’t fully kind of be in that moment or experience, that connection between that person, yeah.

7.  What would you like to say to other women?

Wow, all these questions are so like deep. I would definite say like education plays a massive part, so like to educate your children on their bodies and what to expect in the future. Also to kind of also like take care of your body, that’s very important. Because I feel not enough people go to the GYNE and do checkups and all that. And also like it’s okay to shaved, but I mean like love everything about your body no matter like the bulges, the (), the folds, the marks, the scars, I mean everything is so, everything makes you beautiful in who you are and I feel like that’s very important to kind of like embrace all of it even those things that you consider are imperfections, they make of you, yeah.

8. Great. So, I ask this just now, but how was your photoshoot?

Oh my god. At first I was so scared, but then because it’s not something I’ve never done before, but it was such an experience. It was like so freeing, it was like the first time that your naked in front of someone that is like not your partner, like you know what I mean? And it’s not sexual, it’s like a, it was such like an art, it’s like an art or like the way he was taking his photos or like positioning me like you know what I mean?

It was definitely like a full art, right? And also like I’ve never had someone be so close to my vagina before and just focusing on this part and it’s like all these insecurities like inside me start coming out because it’s like I know exactly, I know what parts and like what spots and what dots and stuff are like on my body, so I’m kind of like oh no. So like, but and then after a while I became comfortable with it and like that line after I crossed it, I was completely comfortable. Yeah and it was a really really nice feeling to just kind of like expose yourself in a way, right? Yeah, and just let all those insecurities go and like leave another door. Yeah, it was really like liberating.

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